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I'm Alex. I'm a 19 year old music photographer. I take pictures of bands and interview famous people and stuff.

I also like kittens, dinosaurs, dragons, corduroy pants, drinking tea, and Alfred Hitchcock films.

Original creator of the squidgy necklaces. Those and more band-related art sold in my etsy <3
So I was shooting Alesana tonight in Baltimore when this girl nearly fell on top of my head after crowd surfing (shame on the venue, there was no security to catch her! She could have gotten hurt!) Anyways, after she did that, Dennis from Alesana gave her a huge hug and a kiss on the head. I happened to be in a good spot to catch the moment and I really want to get this photo to her somehow. If you could reblog this photo in hopes that someone who knows her will find it and tell her, please please please do!
Anonymous : Just wanted to say I'm sorry for people cropping out your watermark. That's very rude, have you thought of moving your watermark a little more into the picture? Like make it harder for people to crop out?

It happens all of the time. Just part of being a photographer. I put my watermark in the corner because I don’t want it to detract from the image too much, but I have to trust that people will respect my work and leave it there you know?

Most people are pretty good about it, but some people don’t realize that cropping out a watermark is like taking an artist’s signature off a painting a lot of times =P

shitty edits of my photos. T_T original non-blurry version is here cropping watermarks is super shitty. this is my job.

Bring Me The Horizon \ Warped Tour by Alexandra Messick

The Color Morale - Tracing Back Roots Tour-6 on Flickr.

The Color Morale - Tracing Back Roots Tour-11 on Flickr.

Blue Cat Wears Pineapple Hat…Because smiles are contagious.
I made new squidgy earrings on etsy cause i&#8217;m dumb =3
weirdo-mosher-freak : I wore my Squidgy bow I bought from you a while back to Mega Fest Detroit tonight because OM&M were playing and I got complements on it :)

eep omg I havent been on tumblr forever but thank you <3 <3 im glad people liked it!!

House Party Tour 10.12.13 x

well props for at least linking me in the tiny little X for credits but can we please not edit the watermark out of my photos? do not appreciate. I worked hard to be able to shoot the tour guys&#8230;

We Came as Romans - VWT Virginia Beach By Monster Moments 

Electricity -1 on Flickr.

Electricity -3 on Flickr.